James Daniel, III

James Daniel, III (classically trained artist, teacher, and muralist) lives and works in North Carolina. James began painting and drawing at a very early age and won many first and second place awards starting when he was nine years old. He attended schools focused on the arts and developed his skills by working directly with master artists in Boston, Italy, and North Carolina.

James has recently established Studio42 which represents the mural aspect of his work. Studio42 is dedicated to providing the finest quality mural painting available, to selected clients. Studio42's techniques are the same as those used 400 years ago by masters such as Michaelangelo, Tiepolo, and Rubens. Those artists created some of the most beautiful paintings and Studio42 intends to maintain that standard.


metis said...

me encanta la pintura. Aunque no se nada, tendre que estudiar un poquitin.. Saludos

alucardreloaded said...

la trayectoria del seƱor James se ve interesante,le voy a dar seguimiento. att. El Menor