Amy Giust

As patrons of Southern Breeze Gallery, many of you have watched as Ms. Giust�s career as an artist has grown and her work has matured through the years. She has always remained humbled by the fact that she can do something she loves, i.e. paint, and make a living� that people have been so receptive to her work and all that represents. Born Sept. 14, 1952, in Cincinnati, Ohio, Amy received her BA (Art/Psychology) in 1974, from Hope College, in Holland, Michigan. She continued to study both on the university level and through the occasional workshop or seminar. Prior to moving to Yazoo City, Mississippi in 1986 Amy had been painting portraits but ��fell in love with the old �Southern� homes with their white porches�. When the family moved to Hattiesburg, Amy joined the South Mississippi Art Association and continued accepting commissions for paintings of homes until, to use her words, �I felt like a blue collar worker � �Here, and copy this�.�

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