Best Psychological Bad Guys in Movies and Series

5) Jack Torrance (The Shining)  

The reason this is not  top 1 or 2 is because the character in the movie is not as real as the others I mentioned below. Jack Torrance is possessed by the evil presence in the hotel. This is one of the most atmospheric horror movies I have seen. Imagine being in an isolated place covered in snow where nobody can reach you, nobody but the evil Jack Nicholson character 

4) Ruth Chandler Jack Ketchum's (The Girl Next Door)

This most be one of the most realistic movies with a believable acting from every one in the movie. I was surprised that I didn't catch this movie before. Well that being said, you have to know before you watch this movie that the kids in this movie must be between the ages of 10 to 14 and they do a lot of evil things to the girl in the movie like torture, kicking, getting her naked to see her body and also they raped her, all under the command of their dear auntie Ruth Chandler.

3) Brother Justin (Carnivale)

If anybody asks me who is the most original bad guy that I have seen in any series I have to think of Brother Justin from Carnivale. His role in the series makes you wonder what is he capable of. He represents the church and at the same time he is the devil, sometimes he seems patience but then he is out of control. This is not the typical type of series where you expect to see the same formula that other tv shows use to keep the audience happy with easy to understand plots. This was the reason the series only lasted 2 seasons, maybe it wasn't meant to be released in 2003. This may be my top 3 favorite in this category but is my #1 favorite series of all time.

2) Arthur Mitchell/ the Trinity Killer (Dexter Season 4)

This is one of the best characterizations that I have seen in a long time. I feel like the Trinity killer should be number one in the list but I have to see for how long I can remember how much I liked the 4th season of Dexter. The difference between other serial killers is that the Trinity killer's identity is known right from the start and you get to know how cruel he is and then you see that he is among society hiding in plain sight. He has a family and seems to take care of them as a good father then you see he is not stable and he is capable of anything anytime. The ending of the season may be the most shocking ending in any other series.

1) John Doe (Seven)

The most surprising thing about this bad guy is that you just see his actions and they speak well by themselves. How scary is to be one of his victims knowing that this guy has never left a clue or leads to find him. He has committed the perfect crime not only once but several times and then he goes in public to let the authorities know that he is the one committing the crimes.


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