Some interesting low budget horror films

Black Cadillac
Is one of those low budget films that doesn't make you think about the budget. I wouldn't say it was an excellent movie but it has suspense and an interesting story line and a good winter atmosphere. The ending was not as good but that is not surprising in a horror movie.
here is a clip:

Dead End
This movie was very entertaining and suspenseful, there were a couple of scenes I didn't but overall the movie was well directed. There's something I liked about this movie a lot and that is the dialogue,  It's natural and funny. The acting of the parents was quite good. 
here is a trailer:


Cold Prey (I&II)
I started watching the 2nd part of the movie and i liked it a lot and then when I watched the 1st part it was much better. this movie doesn't look as low budget as the others I mentioned before but it has a better location. The movie is like a combination of Jason and the Shining together and the formula worked quite good.
here is a clip:

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