Doteasy is not that easy

www.doteasy.com is a hosting service that uses your card
information without your authorization.

If you are thinking about getting a hosting for your domain don't ever get doteasy.com hosting service.
I have canceled this account 3 times and they are still charging me to my debit card.  The worse thing about this case was that I didn't even use their services due to the limitations they had in the service.

I understand they do that because some people do not notice the charges they get sometimes and sometimes they get away with that. THAT'S FRAUD, WORSE THAN STEALING  SINCE THEY USE YOUR INFORMATION AND ALSO TAKE YOUR MONEY.

Warning: Do not use www.doteasy.com hosting service

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how to get out?

I can't seem to get a hold of anyone at Doteasy. I've cancelled months ago, almost a year actually, and just recently got a statement for $33 from them. I have no idea where $33 came from and I'm really nervous that such a horrible company has my credit info. WHAT SHOULD I DO?
By fkdjfo October 26 2009

Don't be fooled

This has got to be the worst hosting on the planet. They are on par with scareware authors in my book, in which what you pay for is nothing at all what you receive. I have finally given up canceling my service and decided to simply cancel that credit card again, these crooks simply wont take NO for an answer once they have your credit card info on file. I'm staying far away from this company, you would be wise to head my advice and find a different webhost.
By ackmed September 03 2009

Worst Service Ever!

Slow! Non-existent tech support! Impossible to get any straight answers about anything. Avoid at all costs
By Jake June 06 2009


These guys did the exact same thing to me. Charged over $200 UNAUTHORIZED on my credit card and decided to have me fax a REFUND FORM to CANADA AND THEY STILL HAVE NOT REFUNDED THE CARD. TERRIBLE SERVICE AND UNETHICAL BUSINESS PRACTICE. I don't think they are registered with BBB but I will find out.
By John May 21 2009

Avoid Doteasy

Debited my credit card illegally. Sent me an email about renewing some service with 2 options (yes or no). I was not going to renew domain name so I ignored their "offer". They still charged me nearly $100 for a year, even though domain name was not renewed. When I complained they sent me an email asking for copy of credit card and a form to fill in (seems to be a common practice of their's if you check the web) . Have still have got anything and they have offered a partial refund. Avoid. They are crooks.
By MichaelFitzgibbon December 19 2008

From Bad to Worst

I used to think they were good but I've had enough too. Believe it or not I've been with them for about seven years but in that time they've just gone from bad to worst. Every time they change something it seems to get worst. I still have two $0 (so called free, but they're not really) domains with them but so far I've let somewhere around seventeen domains go, seven of those were paid Ultra or Unlimited hosting accounts. They claim no advertising but every email you send has a Doteasy ad attached to it. Yes, that's even on their paid plans, and you can't remove it. I agree with the post below, the new smartmail system is crap. Their support ticket system is ultra slow and since they removed the forum you can't even get help from other customers. Always beware of a host who is too frightened to run a community forum, especially one who did have one but removed it, it's often because they don't want possible new customers to read all the complaints.
By Disgruntled June 30 2008

I've had enough

I've finally had enough and won't be registering anymore domains with them. Furthermore, I intend to let my non essential domains expire. I'll simply register new domains elsewhere, and use the remaining time with Doteasy to redirect to them. I've already let two expire. They've just 'upgraded' their e-mail system, and in doing so have removed many of the features that the old system had. The new system is next to useless and I definitely see this as a 'downgrade'. Furthermore, you are limited to 30 e-mails per hour. If you pay for Unlimited hosting (with unlimited e-mail accounts), you don't expect to be restricted to 30 e-mails per hour. Even a small forum (where people subscribe to a thread with e-mail notifications) can eat up that ridiculous 30 per hour limit easily. When customers complained about this new e-mail system in their forums, what did they do? They removed the forum to hide the complaints. As you might guess, I'm far from happy.
By Greg November 22 2007 Greg's email


I have been trying to get Doteasy to release my domain to my new registrar since the 22nd February when I entered the correct authorization code (it is now the 11th March). I would advise anyone who is with them to allow at least two months to avoid any transfer problems. My business website and e-mails are now down and I have had to contact them numerous times. I have not been able to activate the DNS transfer either.They are now stating it may be another five days and as they are not open over the weekend, this translates in reality to seven days! I transferred another domain name at the same time from another provider and the process took four days and was completely painless. I cannot urge people strongly enough to keep away from Doteasy. I have also noticed that KingKoopa is very active on noticeboards trying to dispel the negative comments by actual users of Doteasy. He or she seems to work either for Doteasy or its PR company, both need all the help they can get.
By Clare March 11 2007

i dont like it

They lack support for some very important server technologies and their bandwidth limit is not enough, i am swithing to another site
By tomma February 13 2007



Holy Crap!! I guess the only way of getting rid of the problem is canceling your actt number at your branch [get a new actt #] That was the only choice I had.

WOW!! They sucks!!

Jeremy said...

Doteasy is currently holding my domain name hostage and they're trying to extort a "domain transfer fee" from me since they failed to unlock my domain for transfer before it expired.

Thomas Lee said...

Totally Agree!

Avoid this hosting company at all cost.

They charge your credit card even you ask them not to.

And it takes ages to refund. I am still not getting what I should. Don;t know how long it take.