Rune Olsen (Organic Sculptures)

Rune Olsen Sculptures are mostly made out of newspaper, masking tape and other organic elements that once combined they become magnificent pieces of art.

Rune Olsen is a sculptor and installation artist born in Norway. Since his first solo show in 1997 at Young Artists Association in Oslo, Norway, he has exhibited in numerous galleries and museums throughout the U.S. and Europe, including Bronx Museum of The Arts (NY 2001), Islip Art Museum (NY 2002), Jones Center for Contemporary Art (TX 2004), Aljira Center for Contemporary Art (NJ 2004) and, Smack Mellon and Exit Art (NY 2005). His life-size sculptures of people and animals, which examine the interplay among desire, power structures and society, was exhibited in the 2005 Istanbul Biennial and most recently in 2006 at Hillwood Art Museum’s “Archival to Contemporary: Six Decades of the Sculptors Guild.”
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