It's all about the logo

This time I decided to talk about something very important for every person who decides to design a logo for their company and how often they tend to make a mistake about choosing a logo for their company. Before I even started to think about becoming a graphic designer I always noticed how cheap a product looked or how confused I was about a product missing the touch of branding. One good friend of mine always tells me about going to the supermarket. He calls the supermarket the museum of design just because we can see how the logo and branding of the products can make us decide which one is the best choice, which one we can trust, etc.

The first Federal Express logo was designed by Richard Runyan in 1973.
The current one was Designed by Mr. Lindon Leader in 1994

There's no need to say the present logo has everything in it. Nice colors, easier to pronounce,
visually more trustworthy.
Could it be created from the start?   Yes, the font used (Futura Bold) was released in 1927.
The fist Starbucks logo was designed by Terry Heckler and also was also modified by the same association in 1992. The fist one had a topless image of the siren.
Could it be created from the start?   Yes,  Definitively.

The fist Mercedes Benz looked very amateurish if you ask me, and if you ask me i still see a lot of logos looking just like the first one. It was designed in the year 1902. The present logo was designed in the year 1928.
Could it be created from the start?   Yes,  Definitively.
The fist  and the current logo from BMW do not look that different. It's just a little cleaner that the first one. That is a great sample of how a logo has survived for that long and still looks modern. The first was was designed in 1923.

Could it be created from the start?   Yes,  they did.

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