Andre Martin De Barros

André Martins de Barros was born in 1942 in Pau, a small town in the foothills of the Pyrénées near the Spanish border. He married in 1974 and has two grown-up children.

Andre started to paint from the age of 15 and just after completing his military service decided to devote all his time to passion : Painting.

Curious by nature and a perfectionist he has always enjoyed a challenge and one can see that over the years he has constantly experimented with different styles, starting with classic, expressionism moving on to more abstract work and eventually returning to the classic style which currently motivates him.


Judas said...

MIERDA PLAGIO!!! jeje loco te lo juro que lo tenia entre mis archivos y se me olvido ponerlo durante la semana, tremendo surrealismo. Good shit.

Junior Polanck said...

Vamos a llenarte la barba de dildos pequeñitos para sacar una idea artistica basada en esta obra