Jean-Michel Basquiat

In his short life (1960-1988), Jean-Michel Basquiat came to personify the art scene of the 80s, with its merging of youth culture, money, hype, excess, and self-destruction. And then there was the work, which the public image tended to overshadow: paintings and drawings that conjured up marginal urban black culture and black history, as well as the artist's own conflicted sense of identity.

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The Unknown said...

Ain't the artist's life glamorous. Sad he died so young.

Junior Polanck said...

Very sad. He got to live from his art at least.

Deidamia Galán said...

Recuerdo la pelicula que vi hace vaaarios anhos en el telecable sobre este artista de origen haitiano... me gusto mucho... hace tiempo no habia vuelto a oir de el.