Collage Work #4

Junior Polanck


Anonymous said...

Indeed, very good work. Even the feat of taking such an excellent picture from such a small object should be rewarded. Tell me Painter... How'd you do it? How'd you get so close? Is it a real penny? Is it just the art of applying pigment on the canvas alone? Is it a photograph of a penny at the center of the collage? whatever the medium it is quite impressive and unique.

Attn. Pablo Matisse


Junior Polanck said...

Believe it or not the penny was taken from a piece of newspaper and the artwork itself is about 4x6 inches. The background was made in carton paper covered with plaster and mixed media colors.

I think this artwork is more organic than collage.

Don't you think so?

Attn: Henry Picasso

Anonymous said...

nice, i just added up many different emo backgrounds to my blog